Show the power of your magic bow and escape the shadow realm

Show the power of your magic bow and escape the shadow realm


The latest mysterious game is here to let you feel like a superhero. This Demon Escape: Shadow Realm game is all about hunting the demons and finding a way to escape. This latest power game Demon Escape: Shadow realm by GoLive Games Studios AG is the best game who likes some horror and mysteries. This game is released recently on December 7th with the 1.0 version. You can enjoy this interesting fear game on your device without paying a penny. It is available in the App store of iOS devices free of cost.

This fantasy game can be played on iOS 8.0 or above platforms. It is compatible with the devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad as well.  The game is designed with intensive cartoons but occupies only 264MB space of your memory. As it is released recently we have not recorded enough ratings from the users. We can surely conclude that the game will surely get best ratings from users with the superb graphics and interface.  This endless game of survival will never disappoint you.

How to play

The demon Escape: Shadow Realm game has the storyline of comprising the escape route. In this new route, you are going to come across a number of demons and shadows. You have to dodge them with the strategies and correct moves. You can swipe up and down only. Gamer has the power of magic bow to fight with demons in the way. try to collect as many bows as you can to boost its power and upgrade its strength. You can choose among Neel and Laal characters. Both of them are super demon hunters. You can fire the bows on demons or save them according to need and find the best path to escape.

The game will guide you through the walkthrough time to time making it easier to understand. It also has a community and forum that help you in understanding the game wherever you get stuck in. You have to face thousands of demons while searching for a safe path. You just need to slay those demons and shadows with your bow. You can simply avoid the demons with a correct swipe. It is the matter of timing and presence of mind which you will master by practice. Play the role of legendary demon hunter and have fun with this horror game of demons and shadows.




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