Shareaflash Photo Sharing App For iPhone : Review

Shareaflash Photo Sharing App For iPhone : Review


Shareaflash is the app for any event. Collect and share photos in private albums where you and your friends can add photos, view, comment, and like each other’s photos.

How is Shareaflash being used?
# Family and friends sharing photos at various events such as birthday parties, family outings, and simply the sharing of everyday moments.
# Bride and grooms setting up multiple albums to capture the wedding planning process as well as collecting photos from guests during the wedding day.
# Travelers capturing the moments of their journey and instantly sharing it with family and friends back at home.
– …and so much more!

What are some of the features of Shareaflash?
# Totally Private. Create albums and choose who you want to share them with. Invited friends can add photos, comment, and like photos.
# Full control of your albums. You have the option to allow friends to contribute their own photos or only view the photos you add.
# Unlimited storage of your photos. Albums can be viewed through the app or the web. Organize and explore your shared photos with ease.
# Share photos with family and friends who do not have a mobile device as Shareaflash is also available on the web.
# View all photos of an album but only download the photos you choose from family and friends to your device saving storage space.
# Capture and organize all your photos in one place.

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