Share your memes through messaging platform

Share your memes through messaging platform


Being social on various social media platform is a common trend nowadays to make a new friend and explore the culture. They are now playing an important role and like day to day activity. To share the culture, I found one app for this purpose named as LITmemes which is available in the Apple Store. Read this review and get all the information here.

About LITmemes: It’s a normal app of social media category developed by the memes social media. It is available in English, Arabic, and Portuguese & Spanish. The purpose of this app is to share memes globally. Its available free of cost.

Features of LITmemes:                                                                                

While accessing this app I got surprised to know that App consisting all the user-friendly features. Considering this, the app is having smooth user-interface. The design is very decent and easy login process. The profile page is also very customizable. I found smooth navigation in the app.

How to use LITmemes:

  • To use LITmemes you just need to download the app and install
  • Make the account with filling all the true details
  • Log in with your ID and password
  • Discover new memes
  • Post your memes
  • Message your friends



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