Sentinel 4: Dark Star Game App For iPhone : Review

Sentinel 4: Dark Star Game App For iPhone : Review


The galaxy’s finest tower defense series returns with an epic new installment!

Sentinel’s award-winning strategy gameplay expands explosively as the interstellar war moves to a mysterious alien world. Deploy devastating new towers and technology against an enemy that’s smarter and more deadly than ever before. Battle across vast landscapes and earn a wealth of upgrades as you explore the mystery of the Dark Star.

# A huge campaign across 26 unique maps, each also playable in Endless mode.
# Defend massive, multi-screen landscapes and marathon paths.

# A bestiary full of new and returning enemies. Their special abilities and varied behaviour will keep even veteran players on their toes.
# The aliens fight back with the ability to damage, disable and destroy towers. How will you choose to counter them?


# Pick your loadout from an extensive assortment of weaponry. Unlock Uber Towers that pack power to match their size.
# Deploy your own units onto the path to hinder attackers.
# Call in support from the skies with the Sentinel’s trademark ship weapons.
# Unleash drones, nukes and more from your new improved Stronghold.
# Control Commander heroes to back up your defenses. Earn experience and level up to gain powerful new abilities.

# Real-time dynamic lighting and shader effects bring atmosphere to the alien landscape for the best Sentinel experience yet.**
# iCloud enabled.
# GameCenter for leaderboards and achievements.


# Spend your earnings on a massive selection of persistent upgrades to support your play style and complement your tactics.
# Upload your score to the Global Nexus and contribute to the worldwide cooperative push for rewards

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