Sciencefun An Interactive App For Kids To Learn Science In A Fun...

Sciencefun An Interactive App For Kids To Learn Science In A Fun And Playful Way


ScienceFun by LilGenius is an interactive app for kids to learn science in a fun and playful way. Science Fun introduces a lot of basic science concepts and arouses their curiosity and nurtures their interest in the world of science. It is targeted towards kindergarteners to grade 4 kids and has something new to offer every kid in this age group.

Science Fun has 4 sections
-Life Cycles
-Jumble Solver Jr.
-Choice Pro

-Life cycles lets the kids learn about different cycles in science like the lifecycle of a frog, butterfly, chicken, water cycle, eclipses and lots more.
-Classification lets the kids choose the right group for any assortment of pictures. It covers a lot of concepts like Sink/Float, Birds with and without Flight, Healthy and unhealthy food, Herbivores and Carnivores and lots more.
-Jumble Solver has word jumbles that are related to different science concepts or terms used in science. Once the kid solves the jumble,more facts are presented related to it.
-Choice Pro has a multiple choice screen and allows the kid to choose the term related to the description.

# Support included for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads of all sizes
# The kid gets to solve a jumble to unscramble a new Science Word and then learn what it is.
# Hint Feature to solve the jumble easily.
# Cute little animations to explain life Cycles
# Voice over for Life Cycle section
# ‘Learn More’ feature in Choice Pro gives a detailed explanation on the Science topic.

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