Scary Halloween Bonus Slots Free Game App For iPhone and iPad...

Scary Halloween Bonus Slots Free Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


For a frightening good time play Halloween Bonus Slots year-round, not just around Halloween.

Our philosophy: Instead of combining several good slot machine games into one app, we have tried to create the best slot machine game you have ever experienced. We guarantee that you’ve never seen another slot game quite like this one.

Game Highlights

# Several bonus games that you earn while playing
# Amusing monster animations (zombie, witch, ghosts, mummy, werewolf and more)
# A daily free spin prize wheel adds up to 10,000 credits to your account each day
# Game boosts that actually let you use strategy to beat the machine
# A fun Trick or Treat game. Collect treats to win a bonus game or lose your treats if you get too many tricks
# Nudges let you nudge a reel by one position to help you turn a losing spin into a winner
# Webs let you freeze a reel (like when you have a wild on it) and use it for your next spin
# Explosions let you explode a whole reel which make just that one reel spin again
# Magic which spins random reels until you win
# Beautiful images, animations and sounds
# Badges you earn by completing various tasks
# Features a casino mode and a larger video mode (iPhone5 or higher)

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