Save webpages to read later. Or, let the app read them to...

Save webpages to read later. Or, let the app read them to you with PaperSpan.


While browsing web or scanning through news or top stories, you come across some interesting stories. But due to lack of time, you can’t read them now. How would you be able to instantly access them later at your own peaceful time, read them even offline or use a personal narrator to read those favorite articles for you? Very simple. You would need these best read it later apps for iPhone to get things done for you.

Though there are several read it later apps at the App Store Today we are going to tell you about PaperSpan which allows you to save web content for a later time, so that when you have the time you can read or listen the content.

Main features of PaperSpan

# It could save web pages for reading later. You can read them while you wait, commute, or at your leisure. It is possible to listen to them while you walk, cook, or just resting your eyes.
# You can send to Kindle device or app, highlight phrases, take notes for an article, organize with folders, and sort by date or reading time, change day/night mode, and much more features.
# The app is also developed in such a way that works seamlessly so that global users could continue using even if your device is offline.

If you really like something you just read, you can share it with others through the standard social media outlets: SMS, Facebook, Twitter, email and more. This app free to use but PaperSpan Premium paid





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