Saboteur II is another adventure game for all Ninja lovers

Saboteur II is another adventure game for all Ninja lovers


Saboteur II is one of my favorite games which I love to play. It’s because it is having an adventure, also it is based on Ninja fun. The game is all about avenging angel that breaks into a high-security compound to alter the course of a nuclear ballistic missile. Additionally, the game is all new 8 bit graphics with an extra plot. There is Saboteur story in the game.

The story is all about female Ninja name as Nina who is a sister of male Ninja. She breaks into a dictator’s high-security compound to change the course of a nuclear ballistic missile and then escape. The compound of an enemy is built on the top of a mountain. These mountains are filled with caverns and tunnels.  There is armory building on the top of the mountain and a missile silo is on the top right.

Features of the game:

  • Its extended original 1987 game
  • There is updated graphics and sound effects
  • There is MFI game controller support
  • There is extended map and explore the area
  • There is extended plot

From my point of view, this game is adventure one. There are enemies on every doorstep and the player needs to use special skills to complete the mission. If you love adventure and challenging missions then you must give a try to this game. It’s an interesting one.




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