Risky Bee A New iOS Game To Test Your Chasing Formula

Risky Bee A New iOS Game To Test Your Chasing Formula


Risky Bee is switching up the highscore-chasing formula, by putting you in charge of when your score gets submitted!

Collect honeycombs to increase your score, as you navigate through 10 obstacles at a time with an ever-increasing speed. Then decide if you want to risk it and keep playing to increase your current score, or submit your score and start over. But be careful… if you hit an obstacle, your current score resets to 0!

# Compete with players around the world on a Game Center leaderboard!
# Brag about your new Best Score by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter!
# Test your skill by trying to unlock all 10 Achievements!
# iCloud saves your current game and Best Score. Start a game on one device, then pick up where you left off on another!
# Listen to the game’s music or your own, you have full control over audio levels.
# Free to play with unobtrusive ads. If you’re feeling generous, you can remove them for $1.

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