RingID Social Networking App For iPhone and iPad : Review

RingID Social Networking App For iPhone and iPad : Review


ringID lets you make free calls, Free text, instant messages, share funny stickers, dedicated mailbox, Secret Chat, newsfeed and create fun arts in ring Studio and many much more. Download Now & Enjoy Free Calls & Chats with your Friends..

ringID is an amusing all in one communication platform which lets the users call or send message to with friends & family and other ringID users for free. ringID has a number of features which will help the user communicate with more convenience. Get ringID on your smartphone, PC and even on the web!

All in all
# Free Calls
# Free Chat
# Fun Stickers
# Dedicated Mailbox
# Newsfeed
# Secret Chat

# Free Call
Who said good things do not come free? Enjoy free calls to other ringID users. You will love the lucid voice clarity. No charges, no regretful surprises!

# Free Chat
Make your messages come alive with highly expressive stickers, word arts which include the most frequently used texts and themes

# Fun Stickers
They are cool, unlimited and free! Choose from a variety of lively characters and add the extra sparkle of joy in your dialogues.

# Secret Chat
Secret Chat feature lets you have fun with your friends by removing your message once your predefined time has elapsed.

# Ring Studio
We have the best Emojis in town. You will be surprised at your own creative skills when you will personalize your messages with fun design elements

# Dedicated Mailbox
Why miss out on emails? Now you can ignore old mail only applications. Make up your own mail id and set up your mailbox and get your mails right in your ringID!

# Book
Add your own colors to your profile! Share status & photos, send stickers, greetings and other creative material from ringID Studio. Edit, share, comment & love friend’s posts, upload links, photos and your own ringID Studio content on the timeline. Find friends near and far in “People in your ring”.

# Ring Circle
Make your circles and stay in your comfort zone with Ring Circles. Ring Circles let you create your own circle of special friends and share things specific to your circle. “Golden Retriever Lovers”, “St. Xavier’s School”, “Manchester United Fans”…which circle do you belong to?

# Security
ringID keeps you safe from the unwelcome stalkers and phishing scams. Our extra layers of security enable safe exchange of data, giving you peace of mind.


# Video Calling
Our video calls are aimed to be easy to operate, low on data and of uncompromising quality. No matter how far you are, our videos will keep you up and close with your loved ones. We are working hard & giving our best effort to bring it live for you.

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