Revolved ipad app By Bartosz Ciechanowski !!! Review

Revolved ipad app By Bartosz Ciechanowski !!! Review


Revolution at your fingertips.

Draw colorful lines and watch them step into the next dimension. Revolved is the best way to create beautiful 3D models.

Let your mind flow. Draw curves, choose colors, watch magic happen. Adding another dimension has never been easier.

Designed from the ground up with iOS 7 in mind. Minimalistic interface leaves stage to what’s most important – your creations.

Snap pictures of your models and post them to Twitter and Facebook. Let your friends wrap their heads around your ingenuity.

Export entire models in .obj or .stl format and bring them to live on a 3D printer or keep improving your works of art in desktop modeling tools.

Made with Passion.
Top to bottom one man job. Every single detail has been obsessively polished. Over and over (and over) again


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