Relax your mind with btw. to get more fun

Relax your mind with btw. to get more fun


I am playing btw. on my iphone and what I felt, I am sharing here. It’s an amazing game which is very easy to play. It’s full of maze and levels. One of the best things which I like most is its strategies. There is no target or any kind of another achievement. It meant only for fun and fun.

The concept is simple you need to collect the circles which are there in the field. The game is for everyone and anyone can enjoy this from child to old people.

How to play this?

To play this game, only you need to handle the rope. You need to drag the rope to collect the circles which are coming in your way. After collecting the circles, you will move on to the next level. This is only all about this game.

Some of the interesting features:

  • Simple to play
  • Good graphics
  • Different levels
  • Good music & sound
  • Mute option to stop the music or sound
  • Toggle to switch between white & black color

Availability – The game is only available at Apple Store for iOS





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