Reflex is the best game for judging our reflex action

Reflex is the best game for judging our reflex action


Improving our concentration is very much important as it is a key to success. This can be achieved while playing the game and one such app is Reflex. This game is available at Google Play for Android. After playing this game, I just thought to share my views here.

The game is very simple to play and very easy to understand. A player needs to hit the green light within the given time limit. Mind it sure that green light will be continuously moving from one point to another. So you must be alert and keep your presence of mind active.


  • User friendly graphics
  • Leaderboard
  • Fast responsive game
  • Different levels
  • Different kind of boards
  • Infinite mode and reflex mode
  • Store option to purchase items

Last words:

Reflex is one of the best games to pass the spare time and also very good platform to improve your concentration. It’s better to have brain workout rather than wasting a time on other stuff. So I would like to recommend this game to everyone.






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