Rate My Cake iPhone App By De Agostini UK Ltd :...

Rate My Cake iPhone App By De Agostini UK Ltd : Review


Take pictures of your cakes, then turn them into works of art with our beautiful frames and filters.
Show everyone just how good you are at making fabulous cakes by sharing your pictures and chatting about them. Let’s get some ‘liking’ going on!

The makers of the hit magazine Cake Decorating have come up with a fantastic new App – Rate My Cake, a way to share photos of your lush creations with fans of cake decorating all over the world.
With Rate My Cake you can check out your friends’ pictures every day to find out what’s new in the world of cake decorating

You can do all these things –
=>Apply filters to give your photos just the right look
=>Follow other cake-makers’ inspiring work in real time
=>Comment on your friends’ cakes, and ‘like’ the ones that look the most delicious
=>Search for the perfect type of cake for any occasion
=>Share your photos on Facebook
=>Upload as many photos as you like – no limits
=>Unlock and win all sorts of badges as a reward for your hard work

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