QR Reader Recognizes QR Codes And Barcodes Reader & Generator Ios App...

QR Reader Recognizes QR Codes And Barcodes Reader & Generator Ios App By Power App Gmbh.


QR Reader recognizes QR Codes and barcodes fast and reliable and generates custom QR codes with a logo or icon in it.
QR Reader is fast and user friendly.
If the iPhone, iPad or iPod had a built in QR Reader it would be something like that.

As commented on appdictions.com:
“If you’re looking for the perfect QR code reader app, then the app created by Power App GmbH, QR-Reader, is your best bet.”


Using QR Reader is as simple as it can be:
Just point at the code you want to scan and give it a few seconds. The code will automatically be recognized and scanned. Right, no button needs to be pushed, nothing.
I doesn’t matter what code you are scanning, QR Reader will recongnize it, be it QR, EAN, standard barcode or other formats.

URLs, phone numbers and adresses will automatically be recognized and can be used directly from within the app, being saved or printed via AirPrint.

QR Reader is able to generate custom QR Code (even those with a picture or logo in the middle), that can be saved or shared, no additional tool is required.

QR Reader is probably the most user friendly and complete tool to scan and use QR Codes and Barcodes.

# Scanning/Reading of QR codes
# Scanning/Reading of standard bar codes
# Generating custom QR codes
# Adding icons or pictures to QR Codes
# Saving scanned and generated codes via Print Screen
# Code Sharing via the apps reader function
# AirPrint supported
# Generates now longer QR Codes of up to 134 characters
# History of scans will now be saved
# Special iPad version
# Recognizes phone number, addresses and url
# Adresses can be saved and directly shown in maps

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QR Reader


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