PromptSmart Productivity App For iPhone and iPad :...

PromptSmart Productivity App For iPhone and iPad : Review


PromptSmart is a revolutionary app that transforms your iPhone or iPad into the first iOS teleprompter With voice recognition. It’s the ultimate companion for any speech or presentation – PromptSmart gives You professional tools at your fingertips so you can speak with ease and confidence.

With VoiceTrack(tm) voice recognition technology, PromptSmart will follow your every word during your Speech, automatically scrolling the text at your natural pace in real time. For less structured Presentations, stay on-point with the built-in digital notecards to make sure you address important Topics seamlessly. Whatever your needs, PromptSmart takes the stress out of public speaking with this Reliable and intuitive mobile app for any occasion.

Features include:
# VoiceTrack proprietary voice recognition: PromptSmart will follow your voice, adjusting scroll speed according to your actual pace and position in the text (no data/ internet connection required)
# Easy to use: PromptSmart is ready to go as soon as you download it, with no need to calibrate
# Place-holding: If you go off-script, PromptSmart will hold your place until you get back on track
# Customization: Change fonts, text sizes and colors, and pick the guide style that works best for you
# Speeches on the go: Download .docx or .txt files from the cloud or email, and PromptSmart turns Them into speeches and/ or notecards automatically
# Voice recording: Practice your speech and play it back to make improvements
# Many additional features including: pre-set scrolling (constant words per minute) and manual scroll, Full rich text for notecards, timer, and more!
# Coming soon: Mirroring option for use with teleprompter glass


# Languages supported: English
# iOS version: 6.0 and above
# File extensions supported for import: .docx and .txt
# Cloud services supported (requires internet connection) : Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Evernote
# Max words (recommended): 5,000
# Built-in or external microphone required for VoiceTrack

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