We Have Been Helping Developers Promote Their New Apps For kids. We Hope These Tips Help Developers Even More to Promote Their New Apps and, Hopefully

We have been helping developers promote their new apps for kids. We hope these tips help developers even More to promote their new apps and, hopefully, get them to the top charts of the app stores. Tips were not put in a specific priority order. It is said that there is no magic formula for iPhone app promotion- sometimes you get Lucky and get featured on the App Store and the iPhone app sales will pick up. Below are some steps that you can Take to Improve Your iPhone, iTouch, iPad App Sales:-

1. Get your app reviewed:-There is Now a Handful of Review Sites Like This One Willing to Write About New Apps. Search Them in Google, Look up For The Results on The First Page, Get in Touch With The Ones you like the most and submit your app

2. Make a promotional video:-Creating a ‘trailer’ of your app is easy and fast. And surely helps showcasing your work for people who have not tried it yet.

3. Choose an app name and keywords wisely:- You may come up with a unique name for your app, but a Descriptive title may serve you better. For example, if you have a coloring book app, using the word ‚’coloring’ in The app name could not hurt.

4. Stand out from the crowd with your app icon:- When parents are looking through some online reviews or looking through apps on iTunes, make sure that your app icon catches their eyes. You can make a catchy icon by using bright colors, shapes etc. Humans are genetically programmed to pay attention to human faces, so if it makes sense, using a human face in your icon may be smart thing to do. Among the below icons, which ones catch your eye and which ones you are most likely to click on?

5. Save some promo codes and run giveaways :-Pick some of the review sites where you have confirmation that Your app will be featured and give them some promo codes (5 to 10) for giveaways. That way, more people will try it out immediately and if they like the app, they will help mouth-to-mouth marketing.

6. Submit Your App to Review Sites:-  This is a no brainier, but when submitting to the review sites make sure that you follow the submission rules. This may increase your chances of being featured in the best app category for that blog.Choose sites that have the right audience for your app

7. Print out business card size fliers:- for your app and distribute in your local community (thanks to Laurent Denoue for this tip)

8. Advertise With Google AdWords:- Choose your keywords wisely. According to the Google keyword tool, currently only 6,000+ people who search for “iphone kids apps”, where there are about 2+ Million people who search for “math games for kids”. You can find out about monthly searcher for keywords using Google Keyword Tool and Google Insights for Search.

9. Advertise in Other iPhone Apps:- Popular in-app ad networks include

10. Price Your App Wisely:- Many parents will pay 0.99 for any app that may seem worthy but may think 10 times harder before paying $1.99.

11. Social Networking:- such as Twitter and Facebook to your app. For example if your application is a coloring book, make sure that parents can share the masterpieces of their kid easily with their friends and relatives, thus promoting your app.

12. Select your screenshot images wisely:- They should particularly appeal to kids, as well as the parents.

13. Participate in The Forums:- Identify forums that meet your target audience criteria and participate. By being a trusted adviser, your suggestions will be valued.

14. Email Signature:- Make sure that all your emails contain a description and link to your apps in the signature lines.

15. Create a Twitter campaign:- You can give away free promotion codes randomly to people who twitter about Your app.


Hope These Were Helpful! Do You Have Other Tips to Share? Please Drop us a Note.



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