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Presto Pop Free Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Book your tickets for the journey with the endearing Dots & Monsters where speed is the king. You can bet on being surprised with the twists and turns while on the road. It’s fun, it’s simple and it’s loved by all.

Never before has Dots & Monsters been so fun together. All you have to do is keep it popping. Match the same colored ones to see them go crazy. And if popping them was not enough, you are also armed with powers that can turn the tide in your instance. No two games are ever the same as it keeps on constantly evolving, presenting you a unique mix every time.

Forget the strategy, just go crazy with the tapping and popping. As you go along, the game keeps on unlocking new stuff and items for you. Stuff changes even till the end. And the icing on the cake is the melodious music, which we can bet would keep you humming all day long.

Highlights of the game:

# Novel game mechanics bringing together never before seen themes of Dots & Monsters.
# Skill based gameplay. If you are skilled enough, you can never get game over.
# Unlockables that would continue adding a new dimension to the game at every turn.
# Unique powers that are seamlessly integrated in the gameplay.
# Compete and share with your friends in this socially adept game.
# Minimalistic Art Design which is intuitive and easy on the eye.

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