Practicing German Vocabulary Was Never Easier And More Fun Using German With...

Practicing German Vocabulary Was Never Easier And More Fun Using German With Moritz App.


Practicing German vocabulary was never easier and more fun. Download German with Moritz for free today und sprich einfach morgen Deutsch! Learn in an easy and playful way, no matter how old you are. Meet Moritz, a curious cat who will walk you around his house and its surroundings. Tap on anything you see on your way, and you will instantly hear the German translation.

Great, now you can pronounce “Dunstabzugshaube” like a real German, but no stopping here! Take a look at the spelling and useful phrases. Up for a test? Cool, then Moritz has a memory game for you in every corner of his little world. Or actually, not so little!

There is a plenty of places to check out in the Moritz the Cat’s house alone – the study with some smart stuff, the garage with a car, the bathroom, the kitchen with a full fridge (Moritz’s favourite, you bet), the living room,.. Or take a walk and discover the garden, forest, city or even the beach! And don’t forget, we are here for German words, so if it’s a vocabulary for your holiday trip, language class, shopping list or a babysitter you are looking for, there is always a place to find it in this app.

So what is it about German with Moritz that makes it unique?

# Say no to another boring textbook! Be the guest in a house in the suburbs and just explore. Whenever you go and whatever you see, it’s a real world you can relate to
# Learn at your own pace! No more pain! You have your freedom to do whatever you want and go wherever you want in the textbook, without ruining the logical structure
# No matter the level, no matter the age – choose the topics which are most relevant to you
# It is sooo easy – just tap on anything you see to read the German word and listen to its pronunciation!
# No need to go from A to Z. Start at any point without being dependant on previous material. All you really need is right there on the screen. No problem jumping in when you have a spare minute waiting for a bus.
# Visually rich – activates your visual memory and learning by associations
# And of course, there’s Moritz the cat, Your guide and friend 🙂

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