Potty Training: Learning with the animals iPhone App : Review

Potty Training: Learning with the animals iPhone App : Review

According to The AA of Pediatrics, more child abuse occurs during potty training than any other Developmental step. But don’t worry, if you are reading this it means you are doing very well your task as a parent!!

Potty Training Learning the Animals allows your young children to get in the right mood for successful Potty training!


1. The perfect App for a potty training ritual with your kid!
2. The story empowers children. They are the responsible to teach the animals to potty train – Brilliant way to learn!
3. Teach your child potty training in a fun interactive way.
4. Will set a positive mood for potty training.
5. Makes the incredibly frustrating task fun and interactive.
6. Kids love this app, the story behind it and its characters.
7. It allows children to take an active role in taking the animals to potty, thus getting the kids ready for their own potty time … Brilliant!
8. Languages: English,German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian,Chinese.
9. You get for FREE access to an animated potty training song with real kids.

Potty Training logog  Download Now on ($1.99) App Store


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