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POLARIS Office 5 – for Microsoft Office Word iphone app By Infraware Co.,Ltd : Review

Meet the new and improved POLARIS Office 5 with more powerful document editing features, Microsoft Office compatibility, and a faster document loading speed.

– Media Coverage –
=> “POLARIS Office is the best solution for editing MS Office documents on the go.”
=> “POLARIS Office is one of the best productivity apps for iPad with solid performance and a reasonable price tag.”
=>“POLARIS Office boasts the most advanced editing technologies among its peers.”

â–  Introduction to POLARIS Office 5
With powerful document editing features and excellent Microsoft Office compatibility, POLARIS Office 5 is the best mobile office solution for iPhone and iPad. For easy use on mobile devices, quick access to email-attached files, cloud storage integration, file manager, and other convenient functions have been added.

â–  Advantages of POLARIS Office 5
=>High compatibility with Microsoft Office document
=>More than 500 powerful editing functions
=>Capable of more than 300 data analysis instances and fast document loading
=>Supports a variety of cloud services
=>Stunning presentation
=>Simple and elegant design

â–  Key Features of POLARIS Office 5
=>View and edit Microsoft Office documents / View documents in PDF and HWP formats
=>Integrates a variety of cloud storage services (Dropbox, Box, WebDAV, etc.)
=>15 templates / 20 2D/3D charts / 173 shapes / More than 300 functions and automatic data calculation
=>View Conditional Formatting and Pivot Tables / Provide a Custom Keyboard for editing sheets
=>Apply and edit 37 slide transition effects / View object animation
=>Pointer and memo for Slideshow / Slideshow notes
=>Add and edit header, footer, endnote, and footnote / Ruler function
=>Camera mode that can be used to take pictures and apply them to the document / Insert and play video clips / Directly open zip files

â–  Supported Devices and Requirements
=>Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch / iOS 7 and above

â–  Supported Formats
=>Edit (doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, txt) / View (pdf, hwp)

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