PocketCPR Best iphone Health & Fitness App Review

PocketCPR Best iphone Health & Fitness App Review


PocketCPR for iPhone ™ provides REAL-TIME feedback and instructions on CPR that empowers ANYONE to learn and practice CPR, so that they can be READY when seconds really count! The technology is the same as that used in PocketCPR, an FDA-cleared device, for actual rescue from sudden cardiac arrest.

Pocket CPR for iPhone is a must-have app for anyone who wants to learn how to perform CPR with accuracy. The PocketCPR can be used in CPR training programs and for individual practice at home or at work. It is a great tool for families to learn CPR in order to be prepared if a loved one needs their help.

PocketCPR for iPhone:

• Actively utilizes the accelerometer hardware in the iPhone for real-time coaching and actual feedback on CPR while you are learning and practicing.
• Measures the actual depth and rate of your compressions and lets you know if you need to push faster or slower, and whether you should push harder or softer. The patented algorithm also measures the recoil or release of each compression to help ensure full decompression during CPR. A Perfusion Performance Indicator (PPI) graphical display “fills” as compression quality is optimal and remains optimal, providing the user an indication that all the elements of excellent, high quality compressions have been achieved.

Other CPR prompting devices can provide instructions on CPR or encourage you on the steps and pace of CPR, but ONLY PocketCPR for iPhone can:

1. Give instructions.
2. Prompt on the steps for proper CPR.
3. AND give you REAL-TIME feedback on the chest compressions you deliver.

PocketCPR for iPhone will remind you to Call for Help, to provide ventilations according to guidelines (optional), and to perform CPR at the correct rate and depth. The device algorithms are in complete compliance with American Heart Association and International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) guidelines.

Pocket CPR for iPhone features include:

=>Clear visual and audio step-by-step instructions on CPR performance, including initial steps for the Chain of Survival.
=> Option to go straight to chest compressions for those who are familiar with the initial Chain of Survival steps.
=> Precise metronome to pace chest compressions.
=> Accurate ability to detect rate of actual compressions and to state visually and audibly whether to push faster or to push slower.
=> Industry-proven technology to detect the depth of chest compressions.
=> Audio and visual prompts to push harder or to push softer and to release fully if decompression is incomplete
=> Prompts to remind the user to provide ventilations after the detection of 30 chest compressions.
=> Feature to detect when chest compressions have stopped and to prompt user to START CPR.
=> Complete Instructions for Use.

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