Pocket Hamlet Real Adventure Game By Dmitrii Bushuev

Pocket Hamlet Real Adventure Game By Dmitrii Bushuev


If you’re a fan of city-builders and keep waiting for a fresh take on the genre, this might be it. With old school graphics and a focus on resource gathering and mini-games, Pocket Hamlet is trying to break the “just remake of usual tap and wait city-builders” mold that we’ve been seeing for half a decade.

The game where you need to build your village, starting with a small campfire and a tent and ending with all sorts of taverns and mines. But you can not just to build a house as you need to get resources on your own. Gatherer collects apples, hunter gets skins and meat, the butcher roasts caruncles, and tanner makes excellent leather.

You will enjoy by more than 10 different mini-games before you will be able to go into a real adventure! Feel yourself in the shoes of a tough miner, cut trees into pieces or just grow crops in a garden!

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