Play The Best Free Hockey Card Game at Slapshot

Play The Best Free Hockey Card Game at Slapshot

Do you like to play a fast-paced Hockey strategy card game? This little hockey card game is a fun based strategy which give you all a good gaming experience. All you need to tap a team to challenge in the game. The main task this app requires is to manage the team. It is a fun card game with accurate presentation of the playing.

Slapshot could be the right cup of tea. This game carries the object to win your war-like card games to get the playoff. This game is based on card playing. All those who are hockey lovers are at perfect platform here. The main aim of this game is to provide a fun-based game experience. The originality of this game is phantoms of the ice.

Slapshot Features:

  • New-season: To start any fresh season, you could go for this feature. This will start a new game.
  • Save season: With the help of saving the season, you could easily retain your session back. Whenever you come back and want to start from the previous one, this feature is best
  • Cool Graphics: The graphics and color combination in this application is as per the game theme. There is a user-friendly interface.
  • Music: It is having cool music that keeps your interest to the level.
  • Color of the puck: The color of the puck could be changed through the setting option
  • Number of the team: The number of the team could be increase or decrease
  • Chart: A chart showing the values, shots, CHK & INJ
How to play?

As a player you need to manage a team of six player cards in which one will be goalie, two will be defensemen & three forwards. You must be sure that each player must manage the team skilfully. Also, make the playoffs and after that win the championship. With trades and drafts, you could improve your team. At a time you could play against up to five opponents. Your hockey team will be ever-changing there will be constant changes in drafting free-agent players. You need to play against the home team.

Unique feature:

It is a fun little hockey card game: This game is based & inspired by the movie of the same name. The other thing is that it is not a war game and gives out the experience of a peaceful game. Moreover, it could be played with children also as it is not involving any gambling strategy.

Last words:

Slapshot is the best hockey card game that one could enjoy. Just challenge your opponent to win. At last, you need to win with your skills. All the best and enjoy the game. Enjoy the cool hockey card game.


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