Play awesome adventure arcade game on iOS device its Free !!!

Play awesome adventure arcade game on iOS device its Free !!!


Don’t Drop the Banana!

Banana Blitz is a modern version of the traditional drop & catch style of classic arcade/console video games, featuring the Primate U characters. The face-paced action will test your hand eye coordination for hours of entertainment.

While on a safari in the jungle your explorer character comes into a clearing, you look up and notice there are beautiful bright bunches of bananas in the trees above. You don’t realize that this area of the jungle is the home of various primates and they don’t want you trespassing into their paradise. The primates begin throwing bananas at you in an attempt to chase you away from their treetop homes. You grab a basket and try to catch each projectile that is thrown at you without dropping a single banana. Beware, the crafty primates notice you are collecting the bananas so they occasionally drop objects to spoil the basket of bananas you just collected. Beware of falling poop! Collect all the bananas and advance to the next level with a new primate species and more bananas.

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