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Photo Grid – Frame Maker Free App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Do you have a lot of images that are taking your phone space and yet you do not feel like deleting them? Do you want to make you’re the memories of your last vacation more interesting? Select pictures from your phone and create a lively collage with the fascinating PhotoGrid application.

PhotoGrid brings to you a chance to give a new twist to your old pictures. This free iPhone application is one way to make life a little more fun filled. All you need to do is select a folder from your phone gallery, select images and frame them in grids. Share your collage with your friends and family and make them feel special. This photograph application is one way to add more colours to life.

We all are fond of clicking pictures of some wonderful moments that we experience. However, in due time, we tend to forget the pictures that we click and find them lying dormant in our memory card. But, now you need not worry of deleting your old memorable pictures. In fact you can give them a complete new look and relive those past moments. All you have to do is download this amazing app, Photo Grid and play with your old clicked photographs.

Create a story with your images, make your friends feel wonderful about the moments; share it with your family, we help you make your phone photos filled with more fun and life. Select pictures from your gallery, adjust them in grids and share them with your friends and loved ones. We give you a choice of up to 7 grids in 36 amazing layouts. Photo editing never got so easier and interesting!


# Easy to install PhotoGrid in iPhone
# Select a photo folder from your phone gallery
# Select images from selected folder (2 to 7 images)
# Once selected, you will get the options for grids with respect to number of images you select (e.g. if you select 4 images, you will have all the options for 4 grids)
# Adjust the images inside the grids (e.g. Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Rotate) with the touch interface
# Inside the grid, you may also swap the images and juxtapose according to your likings by double clicking on the image
# Save your new photo grid or collage
# Your collage will be saved in your SD card/Storage Directory, inside PhotoGrid Folder
# You may share your collage with friends & family
# Add spice to old pictures
# Share your Photo Grid collage via Facebook and Twitter and let your friends know your creativity
# Send your Photo Collage to your dear ones via wechat.
# Send your Photo Collage to your dear ones through Whatsapp.
# Give Feedback for Photo Grid app for us to know your experience & let us know if you feel like adding any extra fun feature

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