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The Photo Cookbook – Tapas iPhone App By By ditter.projektagentur GmbH : Review


The Photo Cookbook – Tapas presents a variety of appealing choices for the delicious and popular small bites from Spain – for your family and friends, at a picnic or a party. Among them you will find classics such as Spanish Tortilla, Pisto Manchego, Gazpacho or Crispy Chicken & Ham Croquettes, but also exquisite concoctions such as Monkfish Bites with Mojo Verde Sauce, Beef Skewers with Orange & Garlic or Paella-Stuffed Tomatoes, to name just a few.

The app is like a private cooking class in your own kitchen with an experienced chef who explains the preparation process. Stunning photographs, elegantly displayed in high resolution on your iPad, illustrate every step.

Every recipe starts with a photograph of all the ingredients used in the process. This way you can check at one glance whether you have all the groceries on hand before preparing the dish.

The cooking instructions are easy, clear, and concise. Along with the pictures, this helps novice cooks and experts alike remember even the small details. Each recipe is concluded by an illustration of the finished dish, complete with a serving suggestion.

The app contains 60 recipes, divided into four chapters: “Small Plates”, “Vegetarian”, “Fish & Seafood” and “Meat & Poultry”. The recipes in each chapter are illustrated in four columns on an overview page. Chapters can be scrolled vertically, so that you can play with your choices and visually decide on a dish to prepare.

Features at a glance:
=>60 tapas recipes and over 500 top-quality photos in retina resolution
=>All recipes are easy to prepare
=> All recipes displayed in professional step-by-step photographs
=>Search function for ingredients and recipes
=>Ingredient lists can be emailed
=>Mark the best recipes as favorites. Simply tap the bottom right corner of a recipe on the overview page
=>You can add your own notes to recipes
=>Ingredients provided with consumer information (retrieved with a tap on the respective ingredient)

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