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Persistence – Goal and Habit Tracker Productivity App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Persistence is an easy to use goal and habit tracker.


# see all your goal progress on the same screen
# easy to make super-quick updates
# can also make more detailed updates with notes
# daily reminder informs you of all goals that need to be worked on for that day
# reminder can be set for a specific time on individual goals
# easy to change and delete previous updates

More Detailed Explanation:

The idea behind Persistence is that some days are better than others. And so it goes with working on our goals.
Stay ahead of your goals by doing more when you can on the good days, so that you are ahead for those days that are not so good.
If you get behind on a goal – do not worry! Make up for it by doing more the next day.

## See Goal Status at a Glance ##

# The main view of Persistence is the goal list making it simple to interact with each goal.
# On this list Persistence informs you when you are on and off target, and helps create a desire to complete all your goals for the day and to get ahead for tomorrow.
# Make progress to get rid of the red and blue vertical bars and stay on target.
# Sort the list by title, target, or last entered progress date.

## Easy goal progress entry ##

# Tap the goal from the main view and record your progress.
# Persistence allows for multiple entries per day.
# It’s easy to go back and update values or add notes.

## Different Types of Goal Tracking ##

# For some goals, you have an end target number (like reading a book) and date by when you want to accomplish the goal.
# For some goals, you just want to do a daily amount (and there is no end date)
# For some goals, you just want to track daily progress, but you have no daily goal amount to reach.
# For all goals, enter your progress during the day and Persistence will show you how far you’ve come and how much you still need to do to be on target (if the target is applicable).

## Journal Your Progress ##
# Enter notes each time you make progress to journal your daily activities for review later.
# Review a daily log of all activities, or view a log for an individual goal.

## Track All Your Goal Activities ##
# You can use Persistence to track many different types of goals and habits. Some examples are:
# reading a book
# exercising
# practicing a musical instrument
# learning a foreign language
# losing weight
# meditating
# writing in your journal
# doing homework
# walking the dog
# flossing
# calling your parents or a friend


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