Pegg’d Social Networking App for iPhone and iPad : Review

Pegg’d Social Networking App for iPhone and iPad : Review


Pegg’d is your Ultimate Online Social Calendar. On Pegg’d user can discover events happening in their city, see which events their friends are attending and buy tickets to those events.

Pegg’d is an amazing Social Event Application that connects you directly to what’s going on in your city.
Pegg’d has an amazing search feature for any event. Whether its Art, Music, Theater, Social Events or Sports. All of the events you want to know about are on Pegg’d. Plan events on Pegg’d, create events with friends and save events later to your Calendar.

Pegg’d features a geo-location to automatically display all of the latest events around you, in any city! And in every state! Pegg’d is available Nationwide! Wherever you go, Pegg’d will be there!

The Event Feed is designed to show you what’s going on, so you can find events fast! Pegg’d promotes events that are local, and specific to your interest and likes! Pegg’d makes it easy to plan events with your friends, anytime, anywhere!

Pegg’d has a ton of amazing features that users can see what’s going on, see what your friends are doing, and Pegg’d them to your calendar! Use the Calendar on Pegg’d to schedule times, dates with other Pegg’d Users! You can find any event on Pegg’d, and you can find someone to go with! And Pegg’d it directly to your calendar! All in one App!

Never miss out on events! The calendar automatically syncs with your smartphone, making it easy to keep track of your event itinerary.

Pegg’d Social Calendar is private and safe to use. Through your control setting you can leave your Calendar on Private, or you can Share your Calendar with your friends, and family. The Pegg’d calendar automatically syncs with your iPhone, making it easy to keep track of all of your events.

Pegg’d Profile – create and customize your own Pegg’d profile. Connect with all of your friends from other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+

# Discover Art, Music, Social, Dance, Sport and Theater Events.
# Sign up through Facebook, Twitter or Email.
# Buy tickets online quickly, safely and securely.
# Social Calendar syncs events to your iPhone, and iCal and provides reminders
# Event Feed shows you everything that going on so you don’t miss anything!
# Search various categories like Art, Music, Movies, Family, Theater, and Sports events.
# Share events with friends, family and all extended social networks on Facebook, and Twitter.
# Pegg’d Profile create a profile on Pegg’d of all of the events you love, and saves them as favorites.
# Geo-location on Pegg’d automatically finds all of the events going on around you.
# Pegg’d is Available in 50 States – Did we mention that Pegg’d works everywhere you go!
# Privacy and security on Pegg’d Social Event Calendar

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