Patchimals Kids Education App For iPhone and iPad : Review

Patchimals Kids Education App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Exercise pre-writing skills with this beautiful and fun app! Trace straight, curvy and zigzag lines, spirals and basic shapes. Each stage has 5 colorful worksheets for each difficulty level. There are different Animations the kids will love, to encourage them to fulfill each task. There’s also a screen for free Drawing with different colors, just for fun and creativity.

There are 3 difficulty levels available, allowing parents to customize the app. Each child plays according to his skills and improvements. Easy and medium levels are recommended for small screens, even for Children with advanced skill levels. There are no scores, failures or stress; it promotes relaxed playing And learning.

Children will improve their fine motor functions and graphomotor skills while having fun. This app is Currently in English and Spanish. It is very easy and intuitive to use, so parents may choose either Language for the kid to play and learn.

Kids will love to play and interact with our unique Patchimals. They will also exercise their fine motor Skills and learn the basic use of gestures on mobile devices. Kids and babies will be able to assimilate The concept of cause and effect.

# Unique beautiful design
# Wonderful animations
# Parents customize the difficulty level
# 6 stages with 5 worksheets for each difficulty level
# Free drawing screen
# Little ones can play alone, with no assistance
# Designed for kids 2 years and up (according to the level and skills of each kid)
# Parental control
# 6 colorful Patchimals
# In English and Spanish

Kids will learn:
# Drawing straight lines
# Drawing curvy lines
# Drawing spirals
# Drawing shapes
# Shape recognition

Kids will exercise:
# Graphomotor skills
# Fine motor skills
# Creativity
# Visual perceptions
# Literacy skills

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