Password Keyboard Is A Custom Keyboard With Quick Access To Passwords And...

Password Keyboard Is A Custom Keyboard With Quick Access To Passwords And User Names.


Custom keyboard with quick access to passwords and user names.
Password Keyboard® lets you design your own custom keyboard for direct access to all user names and keywords you need.

Password Keyboard® is for all those who manage several accounts for social networks, auction sites, PayPal, eBay or any other password protected account. Instead of typing user name and password, you can do it all with a single tap on the specific key.

The benefit in using Password Keyboard® is that your data is better protected than having a site remember your settings. When a page remembers your settings, everybody using your iPhone has access to these sites. Be it PayPal, eBay, e-banking, Password Keyboard® adds an additional step for security without complicating things.
This means that other people can use your iPhone, but they do not have access to your login data, either a passcode or a finger print is needed for authentication.

Protect your login data as good as you can, serious harm can happen if you aren’t careful.
Never tell any person your passcode, PIN number, password or any information that is meant to protect you!

With Password Keyboard® you can do that, without having to go through the whole process of typing user name and password.

Be sure, be safe, but do not complicate things. That’s what Password Keyword is for !!!

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