Overview Calendar Free Productivity App For iPhone and iPad :...

Overview Calendar Free Productivity App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Overview Calendar puts your life events literally beneath your fingertips. And it’s gorgeous, streamlined interface lets you understand and schedule events like never before.

Color code events, share on social medias, add repeat rules and alarms, write notes, add addresses, countdown to big days and get a great overview of your life. Naturally, you don’t need to replace your existing calendar – Overview works in parallel with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, Facebook Events and any other calendar that works with your iPhone or iPad.

Works super on iPhone 5. Shines on iPhone 6.

# Widget in Notification center
# Unparalleled overview of your life.
# Super-smooth innovative timeline
# Countdown to your big days
# Color-code everything
# Share things on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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