OneTrack – Backing Tracks for Pros Music iPhone App : Review

OneTrack – Backing Tracks for Pros Music iPhone App : Review


The •Professional Music Player• for Solo Performers, Theatre Sound, Dancers and Choreographers.

# Select a Playlist

# Choose a Track

# Nudge In and Out points

# Set a Count-In of a few seconds

# Tweak the volume – for Each Track

# Lock the Playlist down – and you’re ready to go…

No more frantic scrabbling to stop your music skipping straight to the next track – OneTrack allows YOU to make the call. When one track ends the next track is lined up instantly, ready to play. A giant, screen-sized Play Button awaits your tap… Or perhaps you would rather a few seconds to chat to your audience before the next track plays – just set a count-in (any time up to 60 seconds) and have your backing music come in gently… and perfectly on cue.

No more “back to the drawing board” moments when you find that a track is a mite too loud – tailor your volumes for each track on-the-fly and OneTrack remembers it all.

And no more uncomfortable silences between tracks – OneTrack allows you to adjust In and Out points for each track. This feature is also handy when you need to rehearse just one part of your track – set your In and Out points then set the track to Loop and Autoplay and it’ll play indefinitely.


# For Dancers
# For Musicians
# For Magicians
# For Theatre Sound
# For Choreographers
# For Street Performers

…and for anyone who needs their music One Track at a Time!

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