#NoZoom-Fix your Wallpaper App For iPhone and iPad...

#NoZoom-Fix your Wallpaper App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Have you ever wanted to set a group picture or horizontal photo as your wallpaper background? Now you can!

Set full photos as your wallpaper or background. Even set horizontal ones! The App uses an in-app Parallax feature that allows you to see exactly what your wallpaper will look like so you can better create a new lock screen or wallpaper!

Don’t you hate when you try and set a photo as your wallpaper and it zooms the photo in and cuts off a good portion of the photo, or if you try to set a horizontal photo, it pretty much does not show any of the photo!? #NoZoom solves this problem!

# Choose your photo by clicking the + button

# Adjust the size, the position, and the rotation of the photo (Use our Locking Elements Technology for a more precise edit)

# Choose one of our beautiful backgrounds to complement your beautiful wallpaper

# Preview the wallpaper with the parallax effect before you save it

# Save it to your gallery and set it as your wallpaper

# Enjoy looking at your full, non-zoomed/cropped photo every time you unlock your phone!

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