Now Easy To Use Entire Keyboard At Once With Myspecialkey iOS App.

Now Easy To Use Entire Keyboard At Once With Myspecialkey iOS App.


A smart and comfortable keyboard, with all you need in the foreground: punctuation, numbers, symbols, Emoji. Born from the idea of developing a keyboard for easier use of Iphone 6Plus with one hand, it is also optimized for Iphone 5, 5c, 5s, 6-6Plus and iPad thanks to its characteristics of great utility for all users.

MySpecialKey is a keyboard created for fast, easy and professional use, which allows you to access to each letter, number, symbol or Emoji directly, with specific features which increase the practicality:

#Discreet and professional as the system keyboard

#All in foreground: in particular numbers and punctuation, symbols and Emoji

#Customizable: you can combine to each key phrases, Emoji or symbols that you use most frequently

#You can select characters or Emoji you usually use, without long lists of unused characters that fill your keyboard

#Special position (key-up) can be activated for Iphone 6Plus when you write with one hand: a high placement of the keyboard to have a balanced and safe grip
#The keyboard needs full access to allow customization (the informations you enter will not saved or analyzed)

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