NightCap Pro iPhone App : Review

NightCap Pro iPhone App : Review


NightCap Pro is a must have app: it’s the ultimate photo and video camera app for dark or low light situations. It makes your iPhone or iPad camera far more powerful.

It’s a simple one-touch camera that gives dramatically better results – brighter shots, less graininess. It’s finely balanced, easy to use combined with high performance. Add a Light Mode brightness booster, Grain Reduction and 2 powerful extended exposure modes and you have unrivalled, DSLR-like performance.

NightCap Pro can inspire you to create unique and amazing photos (see screenshots). The powerful light boost feature and light trail mode can even capture the movement of stars, a breakthrough for astronomy on iPhone and iPad.

Easy one-touch functions:

# Night Mode puts the camera into a special mode, giving the best possible low light performance
# Light Mode instantly boosts brightness while preserving image detail
# Grain Reduction Mode helps reduce image noise
# Extended Exposure Mode: capture detailed, noise-free low light shots
# Light Trail Mode: perfect for light painting and even astronomy: photograph star trails with unlimited exposure time! See the screenshots for examples.
# Zoom control (camera-style for easy, smooth zoom)

NightCap Pro includes a full set of pro tools too:

# Manual exposure
# Optional high quality JPEG or perfect quality TIFF photos
# Live shutter speed and ISO display
# Quick, separate locking of Exposure (EXP), Focus (FOC) and White Balance (WB)
# On-screen grid to aid composition
# Self-timer
# Burst mode
# Adjust Light Mode and Noise Reduction strength


# Full resolution photo output on all devices
# Full resolution video on all devices
# Long exposure photos in Night Mode (to the maximum your device supports, between 1/3s and 1s)
# Video mode works at 15-30 fps (frame rate reduces dynamically in low light to boost brightness).
# Video mode runs in special, lower resolution modes in Night Mode on newer devices. This dramatically increases brightness in low light. Framerate in Night Mode is 10-30 fps, helping increase brightness even further.


# Hold Steady for a blur-free shot. Tuck your elbows into your ribs and hold your device in both hands for a steady grip, or rest your device on a solid surface.
# The darker it gets, the slower it goes. To increase brightness, NightCap Pro slows the camera down (especially in Night Mode), giving it more time to absorb more light, but it also slows down focusing and makes it easier to blur the photo by moving the camera.
# Video mode may use lower resolution if you turn on Night Mode. If you need HD, use Light Mode or the flash instead.
# No camera works in complete darkness! NightCap Pro needs some light to work its magic.

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