Nifty Deals Best Lifestyle app for iPhone Users

Nifty Deals Best Lifestyle app for iPhone Users


The best daily deals from over 2,000 sites delivered to you in a single deck. Thumb through them *quickly* to find just the ones you like.

Swipe left on unwanted deals to ditch them in the trash.
Swipe right on interesting offers to save for later.

It’s super fast, easy and FUN.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything worked this easy? We’ll stick to deals for now.

Nifty doesn’t require (or even offer) a signup; we won’t flood your mailbox with spam (we don’t have your email address); we take your privacy very seriously.

Instead, Nifty will use your votes to personalize the best deals for you and your location. It’s awesome.

Boom. Now get out there and start saving, stat!

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