Need some break? Get something that relaxes you. Nothing like Jupiter Pong!

Need some break? Get something that relaxes you. Nothing like Jupiter Pong!


Have already played tones of games and still searching for something interesting? With this New Jupiter Pong game on our review plate today, we promise to bring the best information to you. Thus helping your Great Game Search come to an end!

Key Features of Jupiter Pong

  •        Not a strategic game! Do you play games for fun and relaxation? You are not interested in so many technical setups but simply want to relax while playing. Then it is time to leave all the hefty level games and think of installing Jupiter Pong.
  •        Relaxing music: Personally our team likes the music integrated into the app. Not too much of beats and not too loud as well. The calm and easy-going music pick will surely help you relax and will not exchange you with any kind of headache.
  •        Kids are all la-la about it: Do you want your babies to be pacified with this? The easy skills required and the attractive appearance of the game board makes it a great pick for your kids too! If in case, momma and Baby want to have some relax time together, Jupiter Pong is a good one to rely on!
  •        A thematic background makes it more interesting: An impressive abstract combined with attractive colors keep the game more interesting. Milky way feel will keep you abound with the thought of space being realistic in your surrounding!
  •        Challenge your inner player: Thirteen different levels are crafted to help you feel accomplished after beating them all! With acute concentration and fast-moving of fingers, you can win it over and over again!
  •        Not like other violent games: A calm background with pacifying music with some easy game skill is what we have relied on. Unlike other violent games, we keep gaming easy, appreciable and soft skill in this era of violent gaming too!

A simple way to get refreshed

With an easy concentration demanding game, you can enter your level of relaxation anytime and anywhere!

You do not need a very brilliant set up but just your smartphone. Install it and start making your ranks. Make sure you take good care to adjust with the speed of the moving ball even if any celestial object comes in your way!

How to play!

After installing the app from Apple Store and launching it successfully, take hold of the spaceship paddle towards the bottom of your screen. Control it well and keep moving right and left to keep your ball safe. Note that the ball’s speed increases, as it hits other objects in between and so you need to be quick as well!

Last words: Senses involving app altogether aiming at increasing the coordination between Visual sense and the movement of fingers. Take time to adjust with the speed of the game and then make it happen with every single lifeline provided.


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