Natural Born Soldier Real Shooting Game With Unlimited Fun.

Natural Born Soldier Real Shooting Game With Unlimited Fun.


Natural Born Soldier brings you something pretty awesome which no other FPS has across the entire App Store! The game allows you to make your soldier authentically you by transposing your own image onto your 3D soldier’s face using a photo* or an avatar. This feature will bring hilarious emotions when playing against friends, believe me :)!

Ever wanted to step into a real soldier’s shoes as a crazy warrior with a shotgun, a stealth attacker or an agile sniper? Natural Born Soldier gives you this opportunity from your mobile as it delivers precisely what you expect as a competitive multiplayer shooter. Intuitive and smooth controls coupled with incredible and unique gameplay.

If you are a fan of the shooter genre, you don’t want to miss this one.

Natural Born Soldier offers classic game modes like Free-For-All, Team DeathMatch, but also high-adrenaline game modes like «Search & Protect»; a co-op survival mode which requires a team to find and protect a wolf on the first round, then locate and terminate it on the final round. Unlock numerous new weapons as you progress through the ranks.

# Intense multiplayer including five game modes, multiple weapons and well-crafted environments.
# 1-8 players (co-op or competitive).
# Push the player personalization to next level by customizing your 3D soldier’s face with your own picture or avatar.
# Exclusive game modes like The Wolf, Hunger Soldier and Search & Protect.
# Cool and unique match voting system.
# Smooth, intuitive and customizable controls (MFi controller supported).
# Add your friends, see when they are online, and join their current match.
# Leaderboard for the whole world and by country.
# Watch and share your instant replays with EveryPlay.
# Using Photon’s servers region-based for maximum performance and minimum lags.

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