MZR Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review

MZR Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


MZR is a cool frantic music game about solving mazes.

Featuring pulsating graphics and a thumping soundtrack, MZR makes you think
differently about what a puzzle game should be.

Select destinations in the order in which they will be reached by the light beams from the starting point. Level-up on success or stay on the same level until you solve the maze. Beat the time!

Each level-up increases the height of your tower representing your score. Collect height power-ups at BONUS LEVELS to increase your height gain. Collect time power-ups to extend the play time.

MZR is a challenging game. MZR is a fair game. There are NO in-app-purchases that will help you win or make the game easier. You are as good as your maze solving skills and they will get better the more you play MZR!

Prepare yourself for a fantastic audio and visual assault to your senses!

# Infinite random generated mazes that you have to solve.
# Two main types of maze solving – “closest first” and “shortest path”.
# Cool pulsating visuals synchronized with music. Great soundtrack.
# A novel approach to leaderboards. Instantly see how good you are compared to your friends, your fellow countrymen or the world.

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