Mycloudtag Health & Fitness App Review

Mycloudtag Health & Fitness App Review


MyCloudtag has fun and effective workouts designed specifically for your fitness goals.

Brought to you by top international fitness experts, an Antarctica Exploration Team and the developers of XboxKinect.

Choose guided programs from each of four categories: Weight Loss, General Fitness, High Intensity and Well-being.

Bonus: Finish a program and we will reward you by unlocking another program for you. That way, you can choose to pay in effort not cash!

MyCloudtag records your activity information, schedules your workouts for you and guides you specifically through each workout – because we understand what can take you off track in achieving your fitness goals.

=>Videos and descriptions ensure you perform each exercise with maximum efficiency for maximum results.
=>Can be done in the gym or at home. Minimal equipment is required.
=>Keep track of your work and social life while working out. Social media and email is viewable while still viewing your workout.
=>Set up your own playlists for your workout.

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