My Party Addictive Quiz Game For iOS Users.

My Party Addictive Quiz Game For iOS Users.


My Party Quiz is for the individual who loves to play quiz games, question games, enjoys brain-teasers and loves to challenge their own mind – My Party Quiz is the way to go! It’s a fun and interactive quiz game that has been invented for people from all walks of life; you can learn math, come up with new words, learn, and challenge your memory as well as practice staying in tune!!

The app offers a number of games you can play, study and classified into four distinct categories – math, words, memory and melody. As the names suggest, you get to play a puzzle and quizzes under each of these categories; pick the game of your choice and go nuts!

Here are some of the other features the app comes with:
# An early start statement on the next round by purchasing tokens to unlock levels.
# A limit on the number of times you can play a game to keep things interesting.
# Four categories of puzzle games to choose from – math, words, memory and melody.
# Under each category, different puzzles of different difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard – to pick from.

Each category allows you to explore one particular field – math friends will love with challenges numbers have to throw at them, the writers can play virtual Lexicon, you can improve your memory by matching the bubbles or you can practice singing in tune with the challenging melodies the app throws at you!!!

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