Mumbo jumbo An Innovative iOS App To Use Of Power Words Sets.

Mumbo jumbo An Innovative iOS App To Use Of Power Words Sets.


Are you tired of looking up every other word in the dictionary, but need to learn new ones to strengthen your vocabulary? Then, the simple solution for that is to read as many vocabulary rich books as possible and dig into them till you reach the last page. While this may seem like a viable option, it isn’t necessarily a fun one, especially if you are not very high on reading. You need a whole new level of concentration and dedication to finish and understand the entire volume.

This is where the puzzler RPG game Mumbo-Jumbo by Peter Simard comes into play. You may think that games are for fun and not for education. Think again because learning is everywhere as long as you keep an open mind.

Mumbo-jumbo merges the best of both worlds and captures the essence of learning and entertainment. It is a perfectly stitched RPG puzzle game where players must spell words while using the tiles to defeat the enemies that try to defeat you. The game has added features that give you special powers and cause damages to the opponents. Use specific words in a style to heal yourself and to collect more coins as you progress in the game.

There are 50 challenging levels that you have to face to cross the finish line. Every level has a unique enemy that requires a specialized strategy to get through. Don’t worry if you have run out of plans to kill the opponents because there are nearly 20 weapons that you can use to upgrade the power of your character. After a character has been upgraded to the max for a specific level, the boss comes to put out a more challenging battle. Enemies like the Dire Wolf encourages you to use long words and increase your overall vocabulary knowledge. Use unique words for bosses and defeat the enemies while you learn new ones. But do remember to keep a look out of the health bar at the top of the window to know about how much damage you have caused to the opponent. With their information, the characters help you to understand, which words to use to win over them.

The intuitive design language of the game is rich and has 3D animation that enriches the entertainment factor. A polished interface ensures addiction once you start playing it. The animations are done pretty well compared to recently developed games.

Overall, the game has a lot to offer and indulges you in fun as well as entertainment. Rush through the battles, learn words, spice up the levels by using power words, and annihilate the enemies into bits and pieces.


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