Motormate iPhone App:Review

Motormate iPhone App:Review

If you have ever had trouble starting your car then Motormate is the app for you.

There is nothing more frustrating to your day than finding your car just will not start. Trying to pin point what’s wrong can be a real pain and you don’t always want to call those breakdown guys every time.

Now with Motormate you can quickly and effortlessly fault find the problem and check the best solution to it. Maybe you have a flat battery? A faulty spark plug? Perhaps you just need a quick reminder on how to jump start. For all these things and more Motormate is the first and best option.

Featuring multimedia sounds and animations that no reference book could include, Motormate can really get to the source of the issue. The answer will be right at your fingertips.

Motormate features include:

# Easy to use diagnostic tools to locate starting faults,
# Clear and simple to follow guides on how to jump start and push start your car or change a wheel and more,
# A handy reference for engine components such as spark plugs, air filter, the battery and starter motor,
# An intuitive user friendly design and lay out,
# Beautiful hand drawn graphics and animations, including high-resolution images,
# Handy hints and tips for healthy and safe motoring,
# A rescue aid section detailing user location; including address, a map and coordinates.

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