Mosh Pit Matinee: Music Interactive Game For iOS Users

Mosh Pit Matinee: Music Interactive Game For iOS Users


Are you a music lover? Does hardcore and punk music make your head to bang and foot to tap? Then the first thing you do after reading this is downloading the game – Mosh Pit Matinee in your iPhones and iPads. Mosh Pit Matinee is a music-oriented interactive game bringing in the best of punk bands and moshnoid characters to perform to their tracks. One’s goal is to remain on the stage as long as possible without being moshed on.

A single player game, Mosh Pit Matinee starts off by giving the player a list of rock bands. The list contains great tracks from the bands like Killing Time, Sai Nam, Underdog and Crown of Thorns. You need to pick one of the bands from the list after which the grooving track will be played. Immediately the screen will thrust into a circle pit at a bar where the chosen band will perform on the stage. Once the preferred band is chosen, you will next thumb up a bar of eight characters to choose from. The characters include avatars of legends like Lou Natick, Mo Green, Slim Kim and Rat Bones.

The characters are launched onto the screen one by one by choosing from the bar. The launched characters perform their routine to the rock music being played by the band. Initially they stage dive and then they do some crowd surf. After the surf, they take their place into the pit, circle around and then perform some free style moshing. The aim of the character is to continue their routine on the pit without exiting or getting slammed by the other characters. Meanwhile, there is a game clock ticking down from 90. You stay on the pit doing your routine till the clock ticks down to zero, you win. Try not to get slammed more than 3 times or you’re out. You have got to control the action that happens on the pit to score points. It is as simple as that!

If you love music, you will enjoy playing this game. It is packed with fun where the player gets a good laugh and a heart racing experience watching the characters perform their routine. All you have to do is slide and swipe you fingers across the screens to control the action happening on the pit. Compatible with iOS 6.0 and later, the game will be upgraded for Android users as well with more challenges, more number of bands, multiple player options and also sharing over the web.

1. Mosh Pit in your pocket
2. High quality sounds and music
3. High definition visuals and animation design of cartoons and characters
4. Legendary bands and battles
5. Some of the coolest avatars as characters
6. Hardcore punk music tracks for all the rock music lovers
7. Easy game play with minimal control system

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