More Blox Plox Is The Newest & Amazingly Interactive Game For iPad...

More Blox Plox Is The Newest & Amazingly Interactive Game For iPad Users : Review


More Blox Plox is the newest, and amazingly interactive, fast paced word game available on the App Store today. Easy to play, hard to master, More Blox Plox provides endless entertainment for all ages and skill levels. The bigger the word you spell, the more points you get. The more points you get, the more blocks you get. The more blocks you get, the more letters you get to spell bigger words. Bigger words are worth mega points and mega achievements. The more points you get, the higher on the scoreboard ladder you will climb. There are tons of fun features to play with. You can listen to our awesome classical music set, or create your own soundtrack. You can take a selfie and show off your game face to the world. You can show off your awesome high scores a myriad of ways, including showing off your prowess on Facebook and Twitter with wicked screenshots of your domination. There also are a myriad of achievements to obtain, including spelling the longest word in the dictionary, if you can…

Practice up, Multiplayer and Competition modes are coming soon. Multiplayer will feature PVP battles and Cooperative modes. Competition mode will be a battle against everyone for the top three spots on the leaderboards in each difficulty level for awesome prizes each month.


Single Player – Race the clock to score as many points as possible. Choose Three, Five, Seven, or Ten minute intervals to test your abilities.

Rookie – Spawns Eight Blocks
Veteran – Spawns Six Blocks
Expert – Spawns Five Blocks

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