Monster Head iPhone App : Review

Monster Head iPhone App : Review


The Brand NEW Monster Head is a Casual but Frantically-Fun Donut-Eating Experience!

# Simply Tap the Donuts to Feed the Monster!
# Tap and Use Powerful Items to Lap up Several Donuts at once or Conquer Dangerous Obstacles!
# Create Combos to Fill the Meter and Level Up!
# After Every 10 Levels, Charge Up and Enter Gold Mode for Extra Points and Coins!
# Avoid Poisonous Vials, Tongue-Burning Coffee and Explosive Bottle Bombs!
# Don’t let the Hunger Meter Drop to Zero or the Monster Dies!
# The Most Irresistibly Adorable Monster on the App Store!


# Hundreds of Levels and Hours of Gameplay
# Hidden Score Combinations and Achievements
# Thousands of Extra Points and Bonus Coins Every 10 Levels
# Global Leaderboards for High Score, Highest Level and All-Time Donuts
# Rare and Powerful Items
# Colorful, Comical Graphics and Animations
# 60 Frames Per Second of Pure Donut-Eating Madness!
# Easy to Pick Up but Hard to Put Down
# Pause your Game and Resume Any Time
# Intuitive Tutorial and Help System

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