Mixis iPhone App By Glitch Games : Review

Mixis iPhone App By Glitch Games : Review


Mixis – What will you create?

Ever dreamt of making music but just don’t have the time to learn an instrument? Maybe you’ve already spent years perfecting the art of Flumpet playing but have grown tired of carrying it around and forever explaining to people what it is? Mixis is the app for you!

Intuitively build, edit and fine-tune music simply by placing tiles. With literally billions of possibilities you will never get tired of making glorious creations. We can’t guarantee the people around you won’t tire of it but you’re a virtuoso so what do you care?


# Billions of musical combinations.

# Perfect for both musical prodigies and the less-than-musical types.

# No need to know how to play an instrument and it probably wouldn’t help anyway.

# Save unlimited Mixis for editing and showcasing to your friends.

# Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!


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