MeVo fitness app for those who want to live healthy

MeVo fitness app for those who want to live healthy


Are you looking for a single app that offers exercise tips, fitness tracking, nutrition facts, healthy recipes and also provides a social health community of training buddies so you can lead a healthy life? Try Mevo – A free to download health, weight loss, & fitness app which helps you lose weight by tracking your runs, fitness, calories, diet while connecting you socially with like-minded individuals.
Mevo saves you the hassle of downloading different apps for different lifestyle purposes by combining all that you want in a single health and fitness app. To begin with, Mevo can be your calorie counter (kcals) or nutrition calculator, a fitness trainer cum tracker, a weight tracker or even a running/steps app which can be connected with fitbit. Secondly, it provides exercise tips & programs, weight loss & workout plans, healthy eating choices at your favorite restaurants and cafes, meal plans with healthy recipes for a balanced diet and health articles and tips to stay active and lead a healthy life. And lastly, it makes fitness tracking and healthy living fun and easy by having a social community of friends and training buddies to motivate you to stick to your meal plan and workout schedule while also including a quiz section on weight loss, nutrition facts, health & wellness, food, exercise, celebrity fitness and a bunch of other categories.

Mevo helps you lose weight, build muscle, eat right, and live a healthy lifestyle one day at a time! Here is what all you get on downloading the app –

• Weight Loss, healthy diet, & Calorie counter — which tabulates carbs & has its own protein calculator
• Nutrition facts
• Healthy recipes for a healthy diet
• Healthy eating choices at your favorite restaurants & cafes
• Meal plans & diet tips
• Barcode scanner

• Updated daily exercises to lose weight & workout plans on your personalized exercise coach
• Pedometer – step/run tracker (Continued use of GPS running in the background for steps tracking can dramatically decrease battery life)
• Personalized yoga instructor
• Quick Workouts
• Connect with Fitbit & Apple Health

• Weight tracker
• Set daily progress levels of physical activity
• Provides personalized feedback based on your target goals

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