Memorytrix iOS App helps to Learn & Remember English Vocabulary efficiently!

Memorytrix iOS App helps to Learn & Remember English Vocabulary efficiently!


Memorytrix is an app that helps you Learn & Remember English Vocabulary efficiently!

The app is designed to improve your Vocabulary Strength, Communication Skills, English Language Proficiency & Cognitive Skills like Memory, Focus, Speed and Attention.

Whether you’re preparing for competitive exams and using the app for TOEFL, IELTS , SAT, GRE, GMAT preparation, or are simply using the app to improve your Vocabulary, Memorytrix is the ideal Vocabulary Builder for all your needs!

Try the first module for free! The other modules can be unlocked using In – App purchases; or redemption of points (known as Meems) earned through games.


# Personalized for you: The app completely controls your learning environment, and ensures that your learning experience is always challenging.

# Daily Verbal Workout with visuals: Super short lessons, filled with funny word associations & links that create powerful and lasting impressions in your memory. The best part: without realizing, you will be memorizing new words every day!

# Game based revision: A perfect bridge between brain games and vocabulary; our mini-games are thrilling, addictive and will help you recall words on the go.

# Spaced Revision to ensure you learn and retain lessons.

# Designed and developed in collaboration with experts: Comprehensive content coverage & updated wordlists ensures that our users learn English vocabulary with the most relevant information at any point of time.

At Memorytrix, our goal is to constantly push the envelope further in the fields of memory based learning and, incorporate them into language training in the most productive way possible.



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